Why Do We Feel The Need To Create?

Last weekend, my friend and I were walking through merchant square where there was a little market filled with artwork, jewellery, trinkets and beautiful skincare products. We took our time to talk to people who were selling their products and were dumbfounded by their creativity. 
In the taxi on our way home, we started chatting about the need to create something. For instance, I'm going through university at the moment, studying social policy and politics, and hoping to get a good job centred around this degree when I graduate. Even though I'm studying, I felt the need to make something that was completely mine, i.e. this website, so I could write down what I wanted as and when I wanted. No deadlines. No right or wrong answers. No stress. Nothing. All mine. 
As we spoke about this, my friend explained that although she has a great job at the moment, she utterly admires those people in merchant square who were making and selling their wares and we talked about how it would be such a dream to have a business where you produce and sell such beautiful things. 
That made us think though that it's a shame that the 'norm' of today is to get a job in the council, work 9-5 hours and just be okay with that. Even though a lot of people would like to do something around their interests -  to create. But that all seems like it's too far out there and a bit of a fantasy. 
If anything, that morning in merchant square made me more aware of the importance of writing here. 
Creativity isn't just the ability to draw really well or to sing/dance/act. It's about making something, or being able to do something that completely encompasses you and the things you like. Whether that's keeping a diary, creating your own natural skin products or just writing down your thoughts online. 
If you feel the need to create, you should do it and don't think it's too far out of your reach. It really isn't. You don't need to venture far to see people doing it themselves. There's no reason you can't too. 

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