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Living in Scotland unreservedly has its perks. With the poetic rolling hills, deep lochs and the beautiful hazy (some would say bleak) mid-winter mornings. But, a Scottish winter makes you feel one thing for certain.  
You will without a doubt crave some sunshine!!!!
Naturally, I had to make some plans to remedy this and booked up for Barcelona with one of my best friends.
Although a few of my friends organised to go inter-railing for six weeks in the summer months, my friend Eilidh and I decided that would not be the best option for us. But we decided it would be a great idea to join the rest of the girls on the last leg of their trip in the beautiful Barcelona! 
Booking the trip was spontaneous and was basically planned over a couple of glasses of Prosecco one night! But, everything is actually very organised and we managed to get a fabulous deal to weaken the blow of spending money two months after Christmas. 
As the plans come together I'll make sure to write updates, but for now we're very excited to make some plans for what we'll do/see/eat/drink when we get there as well as stocking up on the factor 50+++. The joys of being Scottish eh? 

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