Although I'm not actually vegan (I'm vegetarian) I really like to introduce as many vegan recipes as possible into my diet. Seeing as it is Pancake Day tomorrow, I searched for the perfect pancake recipe that is simple and delicious. After many, many hours of searching and testing recipes online - I've come up with my own and I hope you enjoy it!

HERE is the link to the video


1 cup of oats
0.3 cup of flour
1 cup of almond milk (or any alternative milk you like)
3 tsps vanilla extract
3 tsps baking powder
pinch of salt
1 banana
drizzle of oil in the frying pan


Who knew that I'd actually have a margarita on National Margarita Day?! (Did you know that was a thing because I didn't..) 
My friend and I decided to go to the Mexican restaurant Sangre for our weekly catch-up and the 'best burritos' and I'm so glad we decided to go here! I'd actually been in Sangre before for drinks so I knew that it was a multi-coloured delight inside. It's full of sombreros, makeshift seats in the way of beer kegs with rainbow cushions on top, slouchy couches and day-of-the-dead flower patterned skulls left right and centre. The music is another reason you would want to spend an evening here - so varied, giving off the right mood.

Of course we got a beer with our burritos because that is apparently the way to eat Mexican food, but mostly because there was a deal where you buy a burrito and get a beer for £1 so it was an easy decision really. After dinner, we decided we had to have a margarita to tie in the Mexican themed night, only to find out it was actually National Margarita Day. So, I think we need to make this an annual thing. But, it definitely won't be a year until we go back to Sangre, it's the perfect place to eat out that doesn't break the bank.


I've suffered from acne since I was 12 and so over the years I've gathered advice and tips that 100% help clear and manage acne.  Acne can be a really lonely thing and so I thought that if I made this video and helped even just one person - I would be happy! So, I really hope that you enjoy the video.

HERE is the link to the video


Today I really randomly decided to film a makeup look influenced by the beautiful Lily Collins! I've always been a fan of Lily's and have been told (by very drunk people) that I look a bit like her so thought I'd give it a go. I hope you like it and thank you for deciding to click on it! 

HERE is the link to the video xx


This was a pretty big step for me because for a long time I had zero interest in driving a car. I felt like I didn't need to. I'd get really fed up and impatient, and it would ultimately be a waste of my money. But at the very end of 2016, I did a complete 180 and for no apparent reason - I was suddenly all up for driving. Although, now I think I've worked out that I want to learn to drive to get my own car. For so many years, I'm only 20 so I'm clearly setting this up very over-exaggeratedly haha!, I'd been told that I really should learn to drive because "it'll give you so much freedom!", "it'll save your mum and dad having to drive you everywhere", "it'll mean that you stop watching so many films and actually get some fresh-ish air!". But, nope, I wasn't having any of it. I knew myself that there would likely be a time where I felt the need to learn to drive, but for those few years it just wasn't for me and I didn't want to waste my time/money on something that I would likely have no interest in. I am actually very VERY glad that I waited until I was ready for that reason exactly. I now feel ready and confident when I'm behind the wheel, and that's not to say I felt scared previously, but I think it's all to do with focusing on the end result and how it'll benefit my lifestyle. I'm just about 10 lessons in, I know that's still very near the beginning, and absolutely loving my lessons! I look forward to them so much every week and they give me so much confidence and satisfaction that I'm learning something new. It's also a time where I'm doing something that has nothing to do with work or university and I can have a laugh with my instructor, Julie, who is absolutely hilarious and fabulous! We have so many good chats and she puts me right at ease. I think that's probably the reason I'm enjoying the lessons and doing well in them. And something I'll miss very much when I pass. I remember putting money away that I received for my 17th birthday for driving lessons and I hadn't actually touched the money since then. (The only reason I was able to do that is because I forgot the money was there, I'm not a saint.) So, of course, that helped a lot because lessons are pretty expensive and you'll need quite a few. Even at that, if I hadn't saved that money, I would have made sure I put money aside every month to pay for my lessons. Although I am already getting impatient, in a good way because I can't wait to pass, as I feared I would, I am really enjoying the experience of learning to drive and I'm excited to see how I'll improve in the next 10 lessons.


I'd like to start by explaining that I decided to go vegetarian back in late December 2015 purely for my love of animals and the benefits my new actions would have on the environment. Now I'm definitely not going to sit here and lecture you on the facts and figures or the benefits of becoming vegetarian or - in actual fact - tell you what to do in any way. That's a pet peeve of mine. It is not my place to make anyone feel guilty (or anything at all) for eating meat, I'm not sure who would have the authority to do that actually, but I do just want to keep a note of my experience of being vegetarian for one year just for myself as a somewhat diary entry and hopefully someone would find it enjoyable to read. The biggest thing I have noticed about becoming vegetarian is that I, and the people in my life are so much more aware of food now. Whether that's coming into university in the morning and my friends asking me what I had for dinner the night before, or deciding where to eat for a dinner and drinks occasion, or simply my mum's weekly food shop. Everyone around me shows an interest in what I eat and a lot of the time we're all amazed at how simple it is to be vegetarian. That was 100% my biggest worry when I made the decision - what if I couldn't find good, tasty food to eat and I ended up missing meat? But in the last year, my knowledge on vegetarian food (quinoa?!) has increased dramatically, and how simple it is to find food at supermarkets/restaurants that even have my friends and family wanting to try a bit. I'm quite lucky that I'm not the only one in my social group/family to be a vegetarian so I'm never really a hassle to cater for at dinner parties and special occasions, even my granny said to me at Christmas that "the shops really do make things for people like you these days, don't they?!" (you can always count on your gran to make you feel like a leper hahah!). But it's true, there's more options becoming available for us veggies all the time. Just look at the veggie burger for example! The most non-vegetarian meal out there, i.e. a burger patty, has been tweaked! Speaking of which, veggie burgers are my go-to meal when I go to a restaurant, I like to think of myself as a connoisseur these days. (Just a wee joke, don't ask me my favourite, I could never pick.) Of course knowing, not in any detail of course, that the reasons I became vegetarian are really doing some good makes me feel really happy too! But most importantly, it's peaking the interests of people around me and making them that slight bit more conscious of what they're eating and exposing the readiness of good nutritious food, not even necessarily vegetarian food!, that's available to them.

Why Do We Feel The Need To Create?

Last weekend, my friend and I were walking through merchant square where there was a little market filled with artwork, jewellery, trinkets and beautiful skincare products. We took our time to talk to people who were selling their products and were dumbfounded by their creativity. 
In the taxi on our way home, we started chatting about the need to create something. For instance, I'm going through university at the moment, studying social policy and politics, and hoping to get a good job centred around this degree when I graduate. Even though I'm studying, I felt the need to make something that was completely mine, i.e. this website, so I could write down what I wanted as and when I wanted. No deadlines. No right or wrong answers. No stress. Nothing. All mine. 
As we spoke about this, my friend explained that although she has a great job at the moment, she utterly admires those people in merchant square who were making and selling their wares and we talked about how it would be such a dream to have a business where you produce and sell such beautiful things. 
That made us think though that it's a shame that the 'norm' of today is to get a job in the council, work 9-5 hours and just be okay with that. Even though a lot of people would like to do something around their interests -  to create. But that all seems like it's too far out there and a bit of a fantasy. 
If anything, that morning in merchant square made me more aware of the importance of writing here. 
Creativity isn't just the ability to draw really well or to sing/dance/act. It's about making something, or being able to do something that completely encompasses you and the things you like. Whether that's keeping a diary, creating your own natural skin products or just writing down your thoughts online. 
If you feel the need to create, you should do it and don't think it's too far out of your reach. It really isn't. You don't need to venture far to see people doing it themselves. There's no reason you can't too. 

Craving The Sun / Tuesday Thoughts

Living in Scotland unreservedly has its perks. With the poetic rolling hills, deep lochs and the beautiful hazy (some would say bleak) mid-winter mornings. But, a Scottish winter makes you feel one thing for certain.  
You will without a doubt crave some sunshine!!!!
Naturally, I had to make some plans to remedy this and booked up for Barcelona with one of my best friends.
Although a few of my friends organised to go inter-railing for six weeks in the summer months, my friend Eilidh and I decided that would not be the best option for us. But we decided it would be a great idea to join the rest of the girls on the last leg of their trip in the beautiful Barcelona! 
Booking the trip was spontaneous and was basically planned over a couple of glasses of Prosecco one night! But, everything is actually very organised and we managed to get a fabulous deal to weaken the blow of spending money two months after Christmas. 
As the plans come together I'll make sure to write updates, but for now we're very excited to make some plans for what we'll do/see/eat/drink when we get there as well as stocking up on the factor 50+++. The joys of being Scottish eh? 

My Family Holiday to Puerto Rico Gran Canaria

Last summer, my family and  I travelled to Puerto Rico Gran Canaria for a few weeks to celebrate my Aunty and Uncle getting married. We got to experience a wedding by the sea, boat trips, delicious cocktails and stunning views. 

We decided we would film some of it and and create a little video for all of us to enjoy! 

Here's the link to the video xo

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