Paris Day Two

Having had a really tiring previous day from travelling - and wine - we decided to allow ourselves to sleep until 10am on the Tuesday morning because we had a full day ahead planned but we wanted to be well rested enough to actually enjoy the activities ahead. We woke up, got dressed and went next-door to have a proper French breakfast which consisted of cappuccinos, bread, marmalade, butter, yogurt and scrambled eggs. This was completely up my street. 
After breakfast we ventured back onto the Metro to work out how to get to the Louvre museum which we managed to find really easily with the help of a tourist map. We got off at the Louvre stop which was absolutely beautiful, adorned with sculptures and artwork everywhere with eerie lighting (you would never see that in Glasgow subway). We walked out the station with our umbrellas held high and walked toward the looming, stunning building which was the Louvre. We walked through the courtyard admiring everything, trying our best to take in every detail as well as taking lots of photos. We caught the first glimpse of the infamous pyramid and I got really excited thinking I was Robert Langdon in the Da Vinci Code and so we walked towards it only to find that the Louvre is shut on Tuesdays.. How typical! But we still got to see the beautiful exterior so we weren't too disappointed.
We did feel incredibly hungry though so we went to Cafe Marly which looks right onto the Louvre pyramid and had amazing omelettes, bread and cappuccinos (are you catching on to the recurring theme of the trip?). 
Feeling stuffed to the brim, we decided a good walk would do us the world of good and so we found the location of Notre Dame on google maps and set up the route from the Louvre and walked around Paris, passing many bridges with padlocks and white stone walls with black iron gates. I really feel like this was the reality check moment where we all realised we were actually in Paris. 
Notre Dame is genuinely one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to and I don't think I'll ever forget the feeling that overcomes you when you see the towers, gargoyles and massive doors. There was a pretty big queue to get inside Notre Dame but we saw that it was moving really quickly and so we joined it and soon enough we were inside and seeing the most beautiful interiors. I really did feel like Esmeralda ready to spot Quasimodo any minute from shadows up above.
After exiting Notre Dame, we went for another coffee and decided we should go and meet one of my friend's family who lives in Paris. So we found the correct Metro line and met up with them. The family made us feel so welcome, giving us the proper kiss on both cheeks thing and massive hugs. We ended up spending a lot of time hanging out with them in their house where they made us brownies and crepes. They also took us to dinner to a place called O'Tacos which I highly reccommend! We told my friend's family that we really wanted to see the Eiffel Tower that night and so her cousins took us on the Metro and a tram and then the Metro again to get us to the stop which they said is the best view of the tower. We took many photos and took our time strolling along to the entrance to find out that we had missed the last entry. Although we really didn't mind missing this because we knew that we would get to see it again, we would make time to come back and climb the Eiffel Tower. 
After spending a lot of time taking photos of the Tower, we decided we would go home, have a drink and go to sleep to be ready for an early rise for Disneyland the following morning.

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