Paris Day One

A few months ago, my three best friends and I decided to celebrate 15 years of friendship by booking a whirlwind trip to Paris. So, we got on Expedia and found a good deal and booked it there and then. We only had to wait a couple of months and suddenly we needed to pack and get on a plane, it really did come around that quickly.

On Monday morning, we all met at the airport bright and early to get through security and have some breakfast before we headed on the 9am flight. We were so excited and started discussing our plans and where we all would like to go and see when we arrived. Our gate got called and my friend Yasmin couldn't find her boarding pass, that was bound to happen, but luckily we managed to find the boarding pass and get on the plane! It was such a short flight (about an hour and a half) and we stepped off the plane to a very rainy Paris, beautiful nonetheless, but incredibly rainy. 

We got an airport taxi to our hotel, checked in and saw our beautiful apartment which had a spiral staircase, we were incredibly excited by this winding staircase, and we picked our beds! After all of the excitement of arriving in the beautiful city, we realised we are all very hungry so we ventured out of the hotel for the first time and went next-door to a little cafe/bar where we attempted to google translate the menu (did not work). We ate beautiful food and drank incredible wine and then decided we wanted to go shopping because that was a must while in Paris. 

Right next to our apartment and the cafe was the Metro Station which enabled us to get around Paris so quickly and easily (once you get the hang of it) and so we decided which shopping centre we wanted to go to and found our way there. We shopped around for a while and I bought a beautiful off the shoulder top from Zara and then we went for some dinner and then went for a drink at a pub called the Parisian Pub because it would be rude not to! 

By this point, we were unbelievably tired and basically falling asleep into our french martinis so we called an Uber and got ourselves back to the apartment where we had another couple of wines and then fell asleep like babies, ready for the following day and whatever Paris would throw at us. 

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