Paris Day Four

It was a mixture of sadness and excitement when we awoke early on the Thursday morning in the little apartment room which had become so normal to us to pack our suitcases and head home.
Due to our lack of knowledge that the Louvre was closed on Tuesdays - the day we attempted to go - we decided we should have the hotel hold our luggage and go to the Louvre in the morning to be back home ready in time for our car taking us to the airport. However, as we sat eating breakfast that morning we were made aware that the Louvre had been evacuated due to the Seine raising 6 feet during the night due to the mass amounts of rain. This was crazy for us to see as we had been standing in the exact spots shown in the news report which were now completely covered in water. The Louvre was evacuated for people's safety as well as protecting the artwork stowed underneath the museum which were at danger of being ruined by the water. 
So we decided to take it easy and have a relaxed morning/afternoon in cafe where we had our last glass(es) of French wine and our last basket(s) of bread. Then my friend's uncle - who lived in Paris - gave us a lift to the airport to start our journey back home. Our journey involved a quick stopover in Amsterdam and then back home to Glasgow. 
We were all very tired and so we slept for quite a bit of the flight. It was strange coming back from a very rainy Paris to an incredibly warm and sunny Scotland, that never happens! But I'm glad we had a fabulous trip, one that we will not forget for a long time to come and we are already planning a trip back as well as to other countries! 

Paris Day Three

I cannot even begin to express the excitement I felt waking up on an overcast Wednesday morning in the heart of Paris to start the journey to Disneyland with three of my best friends. To me, that is the stuff of absolute dreams! We started off by getting ourselves up nice and early to have our showers, do our makeup and get into the mindset of Disney Princesses - basically. Then we headed out for some breakfast at the next door cafe because we knew it was going to be a pretty long day. Again, I stuck to my typical Parisian holiday breakfast consisting of scrambled eggs, yogurt, bread and pastries along with a cappuccino and then we were off! 
We got to the Metro Station, purchased our tickets to get us to Disneyland, bagged our seats on the train and started talking about everything there was to do in Disney! It took about 45 minutes to get from the train station at our hotel to the Disney stop which is pretty good because we spent this time wisely planning what rides we wanted to go on and where we fancied eating - priorities eh? 
I remember taking the first step off the train, walking up a staircase and seeing a massive archway with beautiful letters saying 'Welcome To Disneyland'. I absolutely adore everything Disney - what 90's kid doesn't? - and so seeing this welcome sign made me squeal and do a happy dance haha! 
We went through security which was very similar to airport security and then went through the famous pink Disneyland hotel archways to purchase our tickets. After the tickets were bought, we came out on to Main Street which always blows me away.. Decorated in the theme of spring/summer, it really was a sight. We rounded a slight bend and caught the first glimpse of Sleeping Beauty's castle and I basically reverted back to a five year old. Doing the walk up through the castle is such an amazing experience which I think everyone should have a shot at. I went to Disneyland Paris two years ago and there has been a serious development with the castle, there is now a beautiful staircase which allows you to go up to another level of the castle where the story of Sleeping Beauty is told by a series of stained glass windows and tapestries. You exit the castle by going out on to a balcony where you can see the whole of Disneyland and down a princess-esque winding staircase. 
After this amazing start, we knew this day was going to be as amazing as we had hoped. We managed to go on a load of rides including Snow White, Space Mountain, Hollywood Tower of Terror, RC racer, Crushes Coaster and Ratatouille. Each of the rides we went on were so incredible and we were quite lucky that the wait times weren't so bad. The longest time we had to queue was probably about 50-60 mins for RC Racer and Crush's Coaster, but the rest were all about 15-20 mins which we didn't mind at all! 
For lunch, we went to Casey's Corner which was very reasonably prices where we got french fries and a cappuccino to keep us going through our busy Disney day. Then for dinner we went to Au Chalet de la Marionette which was a Pinocchio themed fast food, sit down restaurant. We did have to wait an incredibly long time to get served here even though there wasn't too many people in front of us (we probably waited about 50 mins to be served). This did make us quite tired and irritated just because we could see there wasn't that many people in front of us and we had done a lot of walking and queuing throughout the day. But nonetheless we got salads and burgers and french fries and got a lot awaited seat! We were so happy to be at Disney but because we missed the entry time for the Eiffel tower the previous night, we decided we would miss the night time parade and go to the Eiffel tower instead. Also, it had started to rain pretty heavily and so we thought that was a good sign telling us to go to the Eiffel tower.
So we got back on the train and decided that the amount of stops and switching of trains would make us too late for the last entry of the Eiffel tower, again, and so we got off the train and jumped in a taxi which got us to the beautiful tower just in time. 
We went up the Eiffel tower to the second floor on the lift - because we were not allowed to climb up it or access the third floor due to the bad weather conditions - and went out to the balcony and looked over the breathtaking views of Paris. We took many photos of the views and of each other and decided this was a fabulous last night in Paris.  

Paris Day Two

Having had a really tiring previous day from travelling - and wine - we decided to allow ourselves to sleep until 10am on the Tuesday morning because we had a full day ahead planned but we wanted to be well rested enough to actually enjoy the activities ahead. We woke up, got dressed and went next-door to have a proper French breakfast which consisted of cappuccinos, bread, marmalade, butter, yogurt and scrambled eggs. This was completely up my street. 
After breakfast we ventured back onto the Metro to work out how to get to the Louvre museum which we managed to find really easily with the help of a tourist map. We got off at the Louvre stop which was absolutely beautiful, adorned with sculptures and artwork everywhere with eerie lighting (you would never see that in Glasgow subway). We walked out the station with our umbrellas held high and walked toward the looming, stunning building which was the Louvre. We walked through the courtyard admiring everything, trying our best to take in every detail as well as taking lots of photos. We caught the first glimpse of the infamous pyramid and I got really excited thinking I was Robert Langdon in the Da Vinci Code and so we walked towards it only to find that the Louvre is shut on Tuesdays.. How typical! But we still got to see the beautiful exterior so we weren't too disappointed.
We did feel incredibly hungry though so we went to Cafe Marly which looks right onto the Louvre pyramid and had amazing omelettes, bread and cappuccinos (are you catching on to the recurring theme of the trip?). 
Feeling stuffed to the brim, we decided a good walk would do us the world of good and so we found the location of Notre Dame on google maps and set up the route from the Louvre and walked around Paris, passing many bridges with padlocks and white stone walls with black iron gates. I really feel like this was the reality check moment where we all realised we were actually in Paris. 
Notre Dame is genuinely one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to and I don't think I'll ever forget the feeling that overcomes you when you see the towers, gargoyles and massive doors. There was a pretty big queue to get inside Notre Dame but we saw that it was moving really quickly and so we joined it and soon enough we were inside and seeing the most beautiful interiors. I really did feel like Esmeralda ready to spot Quasimodo any minute from shadows up above.
After exiting Notre Dame, we went for another coffee and decided we should go and meet one of my friend's family who lives in Paris. So we found the correct Metro line and met up with them. The family made us feel so welcome, giving us the proper kiss on both cheeks thing and massive hugs. We ended up spending a lot of time hanging out with them in their house where they made us brownies and crepes. They also took us to dinner to a place called O'Tacos which I highly reccommend! We told my friend's family that we really wanted to see the Eiffel Tower that night and so her cousins took us on the Metro and a tram and then the Metro again to get us to the stop which they said is the best view of the tower. We took many photos and took our time strolling along to the entrance to find out that we had missed the last entry. Although we really didn't mind missing this because we knew that we would get to see it again, we would make time to come back and climb the Eiffel Tower. 
After spending a lot of time taking photos of the Tower, we decided we would go home, have a drink and go to sleep to be ready for an early rise for Disneyland the following morning.

Paris Day One

A few months ago, my three best friends and I decided to celebrate 15 years of friendship by booking a whirlwind trip to Paris. So, we got on Expedia and found a good deal and booked it there and then. We only had to wait a couple of months and suddenly we needed to pack and get on a plane, it really did come around that quickly.

On Monday morning, we all met at the airport bright and early to get through security and have some breakfast before we headed on the 9am flight. We were so excited and started discussing our plans and where we all would like to go and see when we arrived. Our gate got called and my friend Yasmin couldn't find her boarding pass, that was bound to happen, but luckily we managed to find the boarding pass and get on the plane! It was such a short flight (about an hour and a half) and we stepped off the plane to a very rainy Paris, beautiful nonetheless, but incredibly rainy. 

We got an airport taxi to our hotel, checked in and saw our beautiful apartment which had a spiral staircase, we were incredibly excited by this winding staircase, and we picked our beds! After all of the excitement of arriving in the beautiful city, we realised we are all very hungry so we ventured out of the hotel for the first time and went next-door to a little cafe/bar where we attempted to google translate the menu (did not work). We ate beautiful food and drank incredible wine and then decided we wanted to go shopping because that was a must while in Paris. 

Right next to our apartment and the cafe was the Metro Station which enabled us to get around Paris so quickly and easily (once you get the hang of it) and so we decided which shopping centre we wanted to go to and found our way there. We shopped around for a while and I bought a beautiful off the shoulder top from Zara and then we went for some dinner and then went for a drink at a pub called the Parisian Pub because it would be rude not to! 

By this point, we were unbelievably tired and basically falling asleep into our french martinis so we called an Uber and got ourselves back to the apartment where we had another couple of wines and then fell asleep like babies, ready for the following day and whatever Paris would throw at us. 
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