Unconventional At The Vienna State Opera

Picture this. 

You're sitting in a cafe directly across from Vienna Grand State Opera, eating sushi, wearing jeans and Adidas. It's fifteen minutes before the theatre hushes and the curtains are drawn. Oh and also, you don't actually have tickets. What do you do? 

Before I went to Vienna, I checked - and double checked - to see if I'd be able to get tickets for the Opera, but it just kept saying that they were sold out. I knew though that this was a once in a lifetime chance. So when we were sitting in the cafe staring at the Opera thinking that was the closest we would get to experiencing it, I decided that we should take the chance and ask at the Opera doors if there were any tickets left. 

So the sushi was quickly paid for and my cousin and I ran across the road (that's where our Adidas and Timberlands came in handy) to ask for tickets. Luckily they had tickets left and at a reduced price! We couldn't believe our luck and we snatched up the tickets asap! 

We were guided inside, up the grand staircase and into our little booth, number 9 to be exact, and we set up the subtitles screen, then took our seats. Everybody, okay not everrrryyybody, but most people were in black tie attire and  so my cousin and I did feel a little out of place. But that did not stop us from having a good time and even the people who were dressed to the nines didn't seem to notice we weren't as dressy as them. Everybody that we met treated us very nicely. 

We saw the Opera 'Manon' which was absolutely stunning and I would highly recommend you see it! I feel like this unconventional trip to the Opera taught me to stop worrying about what others think because if you care too much about that - you could miss out on incredible experiences. 

What would you wear to the Opera? 

© Life of Riley

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