Pure Coconut Oil As A Moisturiser

And why you need to try it.

For the past four weeks or so I'd been having a pretty bad skin session.

I don't know what it was, I wasn't eating anything different or using anything I didn't normally use of introduce anything new, but somehow my skin would not stop being angry. 

At this point I was pretty much willing to try anything that could be of help. 

It just so happened I was watching the model Keisha Lall's snapchat story and she was talking about how her friend had recommended that she start moisturising with Coconut Oil. I then realised that I still had a huge tub of the oil in my bathroom so I cracked that open and WOW. What a difference! 

I didn't know if the oil, because I have naturally oily skin, would be too much and too nourishing for me, but it really seems not! I've been using it for the past three weeks now and saw my results within the first three/four days. 

My skin just looks more even, radiant and smooth!! 

This one is a serious must have and a real staple as it is now the first step in in my morning skincare routine. I just dampen my face with a warm face cloth and then rub/massage the coconut oil into my face. After about a minute I splash my face with warm and then cold water and pat dry. 

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