Greasy Hair Problems

I have ALWAYS suffered from oily skin and oily hair. 

There's not too much I can do about it- although the oily skin can sometimes be a pretty good thing if I want that highly coveted glowy look. 

However, no one really wants greasy hair. 

After many, many, MANY years of trial and error I think I've just about managed to find a loophole. 

I wash my hair every second night (I know it's supposed to be two/three times a week, but trust me I have tried!) and by the second day when hair is supposed to be the 'perfect texture' my hair looks greasy, dull and definitely not highly coveted. 

So instead of reverting to daily hair washes, I use the Avon dry shampoo on the night I don't wash my hair and go to sleep without rubbing it in. So when I wake up in the morning- my hair actually does have the second day perfect hair texture!! Works like a dream. 

Let me know if it works for you. Get dry shampooing! 

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