Easy Packing Tips For A Weekend City Break

I know it can be seriously difficult deciding when/what/how much you should pack. But I think with some easy organisation tips, it can become a heck of a lot easier.

1. Make a list
Do this a few weeks in advance. I'm going to Vienna this weekend and when I booked it last month, I started making lists on my notes app on my phone with headings such as; itinerary; outfits (split into the days); makeup; skincare; random things to remember; and things to decant.

2. Pack accordingly
There is no need for five pairs of shoes and three pairs of jeans if you're away on a weekend trip. Just whittle it down to the basics, pick the bare bones of your outfit and then start adding in the details as you go along. 

3. If possible, only take hand luggage
I never thought I would've been capable of this in a million and one years. But now that I've travelled with my little hand luggage suitcase, I'm never looking back! If you've packed accordingly for a weekend away then everything you have should fit nice and neatly into your hand luggage. Just remember to check the measurements for the airline you're flying with in advance! 

4. Remember that this is fun, you're going on holiday!
It can sometimes be SO easy to get stressed out with packing and this can sometimes take away the fun from the holiday itself! So, put on your favourite movie or your favourite album and start checking things off that list!

Happy travelling!

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