Unconventional At The Vienna State Opera

Picture this. 

You're sitting in a cafe directly across from Vienna Grand State Opera, eating sushi, wearing jeans and Adidas. It's fifteen minutes before the theatre hushes and the curtains are drawn. Oh and also, you don't actually have tickets. What do you do? 

Before I went to Vienna, I checked - and double checked - to see if I'd be able to get tickets for the Opera, but it just kept saying that they were sold out. I knew though that this was a once in a lifetime chance. So when we were sitting in the cafe staring at the Opera thinking that was the closest we would get to experiencing it, I decided that we should take the chance and ask at the Opera doors if there were any tickets left. 

So the sushi was quickly paid for and my cousin and I ran across the road (that's where our Adidas and Timberlands came in handy) to ask for tickets. Luckily they had tickets left and at a reduced price! We couldn't believe our luck and we snatched up the tickets asap! 

We were guided inside, up the grand staircase and into our little booth, number 9 to be exact, and we set up the subtitles screen, then took our seats. Everybody, okay not everrrryyybody, but most people were in black tie attire and  so my cousin and I did feel a little out of place. But that did not stop us from having a good time and even the people who were dressed to the nines didn't seem to notice we weren't as dressy as them. Everybody that we met treated us very nicely. 

We saw the Opera 'Manon' which was absolutely stunning and I would highly recommend you see it! I feel like this unconventional trip to the Opera taught me to stop worrying about what others think because if you care too much about that - you could miss out on incredible experiences. 

What would you wear to the Opera? 

Estée Lauder Advaced Night Repair - The Update

Okay so I thought that I'd give a quick update on this product which I spoke about in a previous post here.

I really was excited about this product because I was seeing it absolutely everywhere and the results I'd read about seemed to be nothing short of luxury. 

But, I have to be honest and tell you that after using this product for three weeks, my skin's appearance was in serious decline. Little red, above-the-skin spots kept popping up all over the place - clearly they were having fun at a party I didn't invite them to. 

I initially noticed them in the first week, but I was so adamant that it wouldn't have been due to the serum so I trooped on for another two weeks but they just kept appearing. 

I do have very sensitive, acne prone oily skin and so just because this didn't work for me doesn't mean it won't work for you, so I suggest if you were thinking about trying this one - give it a go! You could end up with amazing results, but all I wanted to add to the long thread of conversation on this product is that if you have acne prone, sensitive skin then just to be a bit more aware with this one. 

I know, controversial or what haha! 

A Dupe For Crème de la Mer Radiant Concealer?


You did read the title of this post correctly. I have tried, tested and seen the amazing results of Crème de la Mer Radiant Concealer and they truly are

Pure Coconut Oil As A Moisturiser

And why you need to try it.

For the past four weeks or so I'd been having a pretty bad skin session.

Greasy Hair Problems

I have ALWAYS suffered from oily skin and oily hair. 

There's not too much I can do about it- although the oily skin can sometimes be a pretty good thing if I want that highly coveted glowy look. 

However, no one really wants greasy hair. 

After many, many, MANY years of trial and error I think I've just about managed to find a loophole. 

I wash my hair every second night (I know it's supposed to be two/three times a week, but trust me I have tried!) and by the second day when hair is supposed to be the 'perfect texture' my hair looks greasy, dull and definitely not highly coveted. 

So instead of reverting to daily hair washes, I use the Avon dry shampoo on the night I don't wash my hair and go to sleep without rubbing it in. So when I wake up in the morning- my hair actually does have the second day perfect hair texture!! Works like a dream. 

Let me know if it works for you. Get dry shampooing! 


Vienna Instagram Diary

Two weeks ago, my cousin Brooke and I flew to the illustrious Vienna. 

I've always had a 'wanderlust' and urge to go out and see the world, which I believe I take after my great grandmother, and I've always been encouraged to study hard and then make (and save) my money from a part time job in order to see these amazing places while I'
m young. 

This is why I think Vienna will always hold a special place in my heart now because it was the first destination I booked, paid for, and wandered. Let's hope for many more adventures.

I may have Paris already in the pipeline...


Easy Packing Tips For A Weekend City Break

I know it can be seriously difficult deciding when/what/how much you should pack. But I think with some easy organisation tips, it can become a heck of a lot easier.

1. Make a list
Do this a few weeks in advance. I'm going to Vienna this weekend and when I booked it last month, I started making lists on my notes app on my phone with headings such as; itinerary; outfits (split into the days); makeup; skincare; random things to remember; and things to decant.

2. Pack accordingly
There is no need for five pairs of shoes and three pairs of jeans if you're away on a weekend trip. Just whittle it down to the basics, pick the bare bones of your outfit and then start adding in the details as you go along. 

3. If possible, only take hand luggage
I never thought I would've been capable of this in a million and one years. But now that I've travelled with my little hand luggage suitcase, I'm never looking back! If you've packed accordingly for a weekend away then everything you have should fit nice and neatly into your hand luggage. Just remember to check the measurements for the airline you're flying with in advance! 

4. Remember that this is fun, you're going on holiday!
It can sometimes be SO easy to get stressed out with packing and this can sometimes take away the fun from the holiday itself! So, put on your favourite movie or your favourite album and start checking things off that list!

Happy travelling!

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