Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair: The Review

A few months back, I saw people talking about this on blogs, YouTube videos and magazines. It was everywhere and one of those products that I was really keen to try, but a little bit scared on my skin's reaction to it. I'm always scared to try new skincare or beauty products because I have acne prone, oily/combination skin so it's always a bit of a risk.

My skin was going through a phase, as it does at this time of the year evvvveryyy year, where it just feels like there's something missing. Like, no moisture, no glow and a bit lifeless. So, I tried out the Apivita Serum in 'Radiance' (you can check out my post on that here) and that really worked so well, but a little downside to that serum is that it can run out pretty quickly. I must admit I was using it liberally both in the morning and at night so that is to be expected. So, after that serum ran out, I decided to do a bit of good old research and I came across the Estée Lauder range. The 'Advanced Night Repair' is all about renewing and enhancing your skin's features while combating dryness, blemishes and also signs of aging.

I actually thought that the bottle was going to be much bigger than what it actually is so it makes for a perfect travel size. The use of the applicator makes sure that you don't use too much too quickly either! 

I have decided with this one though that it works best if you use it every so often. When I was using it every night for a week, I didn't see too much of a difference, but using it as and when I needed it worked a treat. So that is definitely something to bear in mind. 

I really love the formula of this one, it just glides beautifully and oily onto the skin without any tacky or silicone-y feeling. The formula has actually recently had a re-vamp and now contains a lot more antioxidants as well as the addition of Hyaluronic Acid which is perfect for treating any blemishes and balancing out the skin.

  I must admit I wasn't too much of a fan of the smell of it when I first used it but it has definitely grown on me and I know associate it with a pampering feeling. 

My skin just drinks this stuff up, so I know this is a goodie. It was definitely a risk that paid off.

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