A Little 'Apivita' Gem

I love the addition of a good ol' face mask in my cleansing routine a couple times a week, don't you? 

Who doesn't? 

Well, listen up lovers of all things face mask related. I've recently been delving into the world of the 'Apivita' skincare range and absolutely LOVING it. I've come across several products that have worked their way into the essentials section of my cleansing routine (I can assure you this is an incredible feat) and I wanted to give the 'Purifying' face mask a shout out. 

This mask is full of a heck of a lot of good stuff that your skin'll thank you for, such as the main ingredient propolis. The whole Apivita brand is centered around honey bees and how they live. So, propolis is what the honey bees collect from tree buds to fill, fix and varnish their beehives. Sounds good right? 

The mask's texture is quite grainy so you feel that your skin is getting a good scrub when you are applying the face mask, however the grains aren't hard enough to hurt or cause any irritation to your face. Trust me on this one, I'm in the running for the most sensitive face in the world! 

Fancy giving this mask a try? Or anything from the Apivita range? You can have a little browse here. Although, I should probably warn you that you should scroll with caution, you may just end up wanting to buy everything. 

Hey, those honey bees know what they're doing.


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