Subscribe Me Up: My YouTube Subscritption List Update

I can't quite tell whether it's just me, or if everyone feels this way, but it takes a lot for me to press the 'subscribe' button on a person's YouTube channel. 

I'm not subscribed to that many people, if you want to see the list as of right now you can check out this post here, and I quite like it that way! My subscription box always has a couple of new videos each day, but I'm never inundated with videos. That would mean I'd never get anything done hahah :)! 

It always takes a bit of work for me to watch someone new and get used to that person, their channel and what they like to talk about. 

But, today was a first for me. I found a YouTube channel that I instantly clicked with. 

'Simply_kenna' is the channel's name and this came in the recommended section of YouTube for me. I clicked on the video which was about the girl Mckenna's experience with working at Disney. 

I really liked McKenna's personality so I clicked on her channel, noticed she didn't have huuundreds of videos and so I decided to marathon watch them. There is everything from makeup tutorials, DIY videos, how to be positive and fashion look books. It's so interesting and eclectic. I definitely can't wait to watch more from McKenna! 

I also reached out to McKenna on Instagram just to tell her that I really loved her videos. I absolutely did not expect a reply because I imagine she would be inundated with people trying to contact her, but she replied and was so sweet! 

I know that 'simply_kenna' does not need a recommendation from any blog, but I thought I'd mention this channel because I like to talk about things I like and am inspired by and this definitely fits into that category for me. 


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