Apivita Natural Serum in 'Radiance'

Having had clear skin FINALLY for a good few months in a row after being on the Roaccutane treatment, I got a bit panicky when I saw a couple of little breakouts appearing. 

It really wasn't anything too bad, it was just a couple here and there but it got on my nerves! It made me realise that I don't actually have a serum to use at night and that my skin was possibly missing a bit of moisture/hydration goodness that a serum can provide. 

So I decided to go on the hunt for one. 

I heard about the Greek skincare brand 'Apivita' from the YouTuber 'Arielle Cristiana' who also suffers from some breakouts so I knew I could trust her opinion that this brand would be good for my skin type. 

The brand Apivita is all about natural ingredients and is heavily inspired by bees. I know, I found this a tad strange but it really seems to work. 

I chose to go for the 'Radiance' serum which is all about calming and soothing fresh breakouts all the while improving damaged/discoloured skin from previous breakouts. 

I wanted to give this product a little while to test out because I find that skincare products take a little bit longer to grasp an opinion on. But, after four weeks of continuous use, I feel prepared to give my opinion. 

I can honestly say that I really love this serum. My skin pretty much drinks it up. It comes with a little droplet applicator which is very handy and makes the product really easy to use and for me to determine how much I'm using which is always a bonus. 

I noticed that my skin felt incredible after the first application of this product, no joke, and has definitely come far from what it was like at the beginning of the month. The discolouration marks are DEFINITELY fading and the spots are being kept at bay. 

I plan to buy another of the serums, the 'Hydration' one to be exact, and I've already purchased the 'Purifying' face mask which is on its way from Greece right now :-)

If you have oily, acne prone skin like mine then I think that this is worth a shot for you! 


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