An Advanced Screening Of The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

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Last night, my cousin and I were lucky enough to snatch up a pair of tickets to go and see a double bill at the cinema. I absolutely ADORE the cinema and so seeing two movies in one night sounded like pure bliss to me. 

The film series we went to see was 'The Maze Runner' and following this first movie, we would get to see an advanced screening of the second movie in the trilogy 'The Scorch Trials'. My cousin had already seen The Maze Runner when it was released last year, unlike me. My cousin, Brooke, assured me that this movie series would be right up my street. She was definitely right with this recommendation. The phrase 'why did I not watch this movie last year??!' came to mind A LOT.

I was hooked within the first five minutes of the first film, no joke. It was really fast paced and I was utterly compelled with the premise of the movie. I was constantly asking who, what, why, when questions. But the movie narrative was really clever because as soon as a question popped into your head, someone asked the same question on screen which was answered.

I feel like it was a really special experience going straight from the first movie into the second, instead of having to wait almost a year! 

The whole experience of going to see a double bill at the cinema was really cool! Our butts weren't even THAT numb by the end of it, so I'd say that in itself is a huge success. Also, the tray of large nachos managed all the way through the first movie and a bag of Galaxy Minstrels got us through the second film.

The first film is about a boy called Thomas, played by the wonderful Dylan O'Brien, who finds himself in a crate going skyward which opens to a bunch of other guys who tell him they have all went through the same process of arriving in this new place, a field surrounded by a ginormous maze, and not knowing how or why they got there. The only thing they can remember is their names. I don't plan on spoiling anything from either of these movies, so I'm just going to leave the quick synopsis there. 

I really loved The Maze Runner, and I seriously loved The Scorch Trials which was unbelievably epic, with a good few jumpy parts which my cousin definitely fell victim to haha! 

I really loved these movies and the whole experience of seeing them both right after one another. Also, the fact that we were at an advance screening was just the cherry on top of a really cool night. 

The Scorch Trials hits cinemas TODAY so go ahead and grab yourself a ticket! If you love action, adventure, thriller movies- you will not be disappointed. 


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