Welcome To Kilmartin Glen

My mum was told about this place called Kilmartin Glen by one of the colleagues at work who told us it is one of the most spiritual places he has visited. AND it has standing stones! We literally thought we were in the Disney movie 'Brave'. 

Welcome To Kilmartin Glen. This is what was written on the signpost as you drive into the region. Beautifully depicted as a standing stone. We knew we were in for a treat. 

First of all we went to the Kilmartin Glen Museum of Culture where we were warmly greeted by a lady who was at the reception desk selling tickets and providing information. The little room we got the tickets from was beautiful as well. It was a shop where you could buy beautiful Celtic jewellery with Pictish designs. I was in awe and I hadn't even seen Kilmartin Glen in full!

We were directed down to the conservatory where the museum was and we walked around that for a while looking at the history of Kilmartin Glen. We learned about the standing stones and that they were thought to be a representation of the death of important people. But, as time went on, they were used as markers by the people living back then as a makeshift calendar to place themselves in time. 

After we looked around the museum, we looked around the beautiful old chapel which was a stones throw away from the museum and we got to see beautiful ancient royal and military stones of important people. We went to the little cafe that was back upstairs where the reception was after this. It really was a beautiful cafe, I actually want my house designed the way this cafe was! It was all wooden and glass and tapestries. It only got better as I ordered a hummus, grated beetroot and carrot baguette with a latte. 

After we were mightly full, we decided to go and actually see the standing stones. This was only a five/ten minute drive away. As you walk out over the little rickety bridge to the standing stones in the middle of a field, something special happens. I'm not quite sure what it is, but it feels very overwhelming being there and yes indeed very spiritual (mum's work friend wasn't lying there). The standing stones really are something you need to witness for yourself to understand. 

To top the day off, we stopped off at the Dunadd Fort, where we got chased by some sheep, where kings and queens read scriptures and were made head of the country. Also, it is said the Celtic hero legend Ossian jumped over to this fort and made a foot and knee indentation as he strode across the rock. The foot indentation was were the kings and queens would place their foot, showing that they were the rightful and chosen one. 



  1. Wonderful Courtney. That's brightened my day up xxx

  2. Wonderful Courtney. That's brightened my day up xxx


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