University Edition: Introduction & My First Year Experience

It's coming up to THAT time of the year where most of us are getting ready to move on to a new stage in their life. Whether it's starting high school; moving up a year in high school; starting university; or, like me, entering second year of university. I still can't quite believe I'm already going into my second year. The first year has just flew by. I know, that sounds unbelievably cliche. But it is 100% truth. I remember teachers telling me as a little first year in high school that the years you are in education go incredibly fast. They were right. 

This time last year I was getting nervous about every little detail regarding university from meeting new people to what I should be wearing. I must admit that I was very lucky to have one of my best friends by my side because we, luckily, both got into the same university doing the same course! 

So, I suppose that was one less thing to worry about than most people. 

I decided to dedicate a few posts to different aspects of university that I reckon some people will definitely relate to in some way. 

So here is some basic information about my first year university experience.

The university that I go to is a five minute drive away from where I live which is brilliant because I don't need to take travel time into consideration too much. Because of how near it is, I stay at home and so I am not in halls or flat sharing or anything like that. 

I'm studying social sciences and as I mentioned above, I've just completed my first year and I'll be returning next month to start my second year. I absolutely LOVE my course and I am still really interested in every part of it. This is something I feel really lucky about because I know a lot of people who are not happy with their course- or just simply don't like it. My social sciences course is split into four subjects which are politics, social policy, psychology and sociology. First and second year are 'taster' years meaning that I get to study all four of these topics. In third and fourth year I will be asked to choose which of these subjects I would like to drop so that by the time I finish my degree I will major in one subject.

The reason I chose my course was because I was really into modern studies and politics in high school and so I thought this would be an appropriate avenue to tread down.

As of right now, I would say that my interests are headed more towards politics and social policy and I'm hoping to major in politics by the end of my time at university. 

This post is the first of a mini series (probably about four posts in total) that I will be writing and posting for the next few Mondays. They'll each be regarding a different aspect of university from what to bring with you to uni, exams experience and also some inspiration for outfits. 



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