Too Old To Trampoline? Think Again

I've very recently had my first experience at Air Space in East Kilbride, Scotland. So, naturally, I thought I'd write up a quick post as a simple review on my thoughts.

Now bare in mind, I really am not the most fit or talented person in the world when it comes to any kind of sport. But, when my British champion gymnast friend suggested we went to Air Space, one of Scotland's best sport indoor activity arenas for a bit of fun, I became curious and decided I should give it a go. 

As you can imagine, going with a multi-award winning gymnast to a trampolining centre made my seat drop looking pretty unimpressive. So if you go, I suggest you take someone who will be at your level. Lucky enough two of my other friends came along with us as well to make it slightly less embarrassing. 

The four of us went up to the reception desk and gave our names and signatures, and also got out bright orange socks, just to say that we would take full responsibility if anything went wrong. This did make my friend Alexs and I a little bit anxious I must say. We got our red wristbands on and waited ten minutes to be called to be briefed on the security measures, our anxiety did grow at this point. But we were assured that if we followed the safety procedures, we would be pretty much safe. 

Then, we headed up to the trampolines.

I'm constantly reminding myself to stop taking myself so seriously and just have fun and not to care what people think. But that is somewhat difficult when you are surrounded by nine year olds with six packs and told to wear bright orange grip socks! 

I must say it was difficult to get the hang of at first and we all felt a little bit silly. But this feeling disappeared within five minutes. We actually really enjoyed ourselves and bounced away til our hearts were content (and possibly on the brink of attack!). It is a pretty good workout too. 

I seriously recommend Air Space as something that you just need to try out for yourself. I did enjoy it and I do feel like I had a good workout, but, I don't really see myself hurrying back. But who knows, I might end up going again. I'll maybe make it a yearly tradition!


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