Out Of The Box Birthday Presents

For my birthday I received some other gifts that don't fit into the clothes and beauty category that I wrote up previously. So here we go, I have four gifts that I'm going to talk about that are truly incredible gifts and this could help you buy someone a nice gift that is a bit different too!

First of all, my mum and sister got me a Fujifilm Instax camera. I never even asked for this present but I was in love with it as soon as I laid eyes on it. I got the white one with the little white protective bag. This present was so perfect for me because I love taking pictures and Polaroids, in my opinion, are the coolest photos that you can have! I took it to lunch with me, my dad, sister and brother then took pictures of my family who all came over to see me. Then I took it to Alloway with me to the Brig o' Doon, The Auld Kirk and the Robert Burns cottage and museum. 

My mum and sister also got me a beautiful perfume by Jo Malone. It is the scent 'Pomegranate Noir'. It is a very enigmatic and dark smell. It is not flowery or sweet. So it is right up my street!  

My dad got me two really amazing gifts. One was a framed photo of the one and only Audrey Hepburn! I love it so much and it completely goes with my room colours and looks so elegant. It really is a fantastic gift to receive. Audrey is my idol and someone who I wish I could be like in terms of being kind, helpful and charitable. As well as, you know her stunning good looks haha!

The second gift my dad got me is seriously incredible! My dad, sister and I are going to go on the Jacobite Steam Train, THE ACTUAL HARRY POTTER TRAIN FROM THE MOVIES!, travelling in first class with a complimentary afternoon tea. We will get the train from Fort William to Mallaig. I am so excited for this gift and it's always good to have something to look forward to. The way my dad told me about this was also really cool. He had made up a little story for me and it was like a presentation. It was the coolest thing! I can't wait to go, take pictures, pretend I'm going to Hogwarts and write a post about it.


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