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I thought I'd write up a quick(ish) post about who I look to for style inspiration and guidance when I'm either 1. struggling to find a look or 2. looking for a simple way to change/evolve my style a little bit, even if it is just for 12 hours. 


One person I can always count on to give me style inspiration is Sara Donaldson at ''. Sara is a well established Australian blogger who has reached amazing global success and her website Harper & Harley is ever growing stronger. Sara describes the concept of Harper & Harley as a 'How To' in terms of eliminating colour from your wardrobe and maintains a black, white and grey colour pallette. I was immediately drawn in by this concept as the majority of fashion bloggers and influential style icons will tell you to step out of the box and introduce colour instead of eliminate it altogether. I'd say my wardrobe consists of a 60% make-up of these three block colours so anytime I see an Instagram post or a new blog post from Sara, I always try and find something similar from my own wardrobe (attempting) to put a little Harper & Harley spin on it. Otherwise, I will look at the caption of the photo as Sara always includes where to get the pieces of clothing she is wearing or other, cheaper, alternatives. 


I'm hoping that this will not become too mundane of an answer, but truthfully, is there a better 'Classic' style icon than the elegant Audrey Hepburn? Audrey, for me, captures the main elements that a woman should strive to be. Elegant, graceful, chic and happy. Where could you possibly go wrong in life if you have those four elements down to a T? There's really no wonder why Audrey was the woman that she was and gained the status that she had and still has to this day. She was a beautiful woman inside and out and this definitely reflected in her choice of clothing. Whether she was a call girl, a princess, a librarian turned model or teacher, her style and legacy remained and may it forever linger on.

Modern Day Chic

There is really no doubt in my mind when it comes to this particular category. Lily Collins is my modern day style icon who I think has in the past few years seriously upped her fashion game, not that she hasn't always looked fantastic. Lily has said before that she has always had a love and interest for the big wide world of fashion and has recently been involved with the one and only, Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel as one of his 'muses'. Lily's style can go from everyday street style, to yoga pants and trainers, to red carpet REALNESS. I was first introduced to Lily as 'Clary Fray' in the 2013 'Mortal Instruments: City of Bones' movie, which I loved! And from then on, I was absolutely blown away by the way Lily would dress for press conferences and press junkets and red carpets. She truly knows what she's doing and seriously someone who I watch for style inspiration. 

Daring Street Style Socialite

This one may be one that is controversial and split the crowd a little bit, but for this street style icon category, I would say I definitely look to Kylie Jenner. Kylie changes up her look so drastically from one day to the other, and always remains fabulous in doing so, that she is such a fun and inspirational icon to look to. Kylie reminds me that it is okay to want to dress really feminine and girly one day and then look really androgynous the next as well as having the courage to actually do this. There's also no question that she is a really relevant young woman today and someone that has an ever growing influence over what many girls and women wear today. 

Up & Coming 'It Girl'

As of recent, I've really started tuning in to Lily-Rose Depp. Yes, she has a famous last name and yes she can speak fluent French, and yes she has amazing Instagram photos. All of which could be considered 'ingredients' for becoming an 'It Girl'. But I really admire Lily-Rose for being so knowledgeable about who she is and what she wears. I don't want to make it about an age thing, but I'm 19 and when I was Lily-Rose's age, I didn't look anywhere near as fashionable yet edgy as she does. I think it is really cool to see Lily-Rose's success grow all in her own right and her own way with a couple of innovative and original movies due to release soon and a star role in Rejjie Snow's new music video. I'm always standing by to look for a new photo upload from Lily-Rose at her Instagram account, 'lilyrose_depp', to see what she has put together. I think it was earlier this year when I, among others including my own mum, either went online or opened a newspaper and was bombared with those beautiful photos of Lily-Rose wearing that gorgeous strapless Chanel two-piece from the 'Chanel Metiers d'Art show'. Depp was also in attendance at the 'Grand Casino Chanel Show' last week as another of Karl Lagerfeld's 'muses' along with her mother,Vanessa Paradis, and Lily Collins. 

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this little insight to who I admire and look to for my daily dose of inspiration.


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