My Lipstick & Lip Pencil Collection

I much prefer to have a small(er) collection of lipsticks and lip pencils just so that I know I'll definitely use each and every one of them. After all, lip products can be pretty expensive to collect!

My favourite brand is the one and only MAC. It's a pretty obvious favourite but the proof is in the outcome. Which these products always deliver for me. I also use Bobbi Brown and Rimmel.

My all time favourite lipstick is 'Yash' by MAC. It is the perfect nude colour with brown/pink undertones so that it doesn't wash out your lips, and makes them a defining feature. 

Another lipstick I always use is 'Velvet Teddy' by MAC. It's another nude colour but a few shades darker than 'Yash'. This colour came to my attention when people were saying that it is the colour Lily Rose Depp uses and I absolutely loved it, so I managed to get my hands on it.

The last MAC lipstick that I use is the first MAC lipstick that I ever got and it is 'Creme Cup'. It is a pinky/nudey shade but can be a very bright pink if loaded up. I tend to apply a light amount so that it is the perfect pink.

I also use a lipstick from the Kate Moss collection for Rimmel and it is a purply, pink colour which is very similar to the infamous Kylie Jenner lipstick colour.

My all time favourite lip liner is 'beige' by Bobbi Brown. It is a gorgeous nude colour (can you see the theme here?) that defines your lips so easily and can be very good if you like to slightly over-line your lips like me!

Another lip liner I love is 'subculture' by MAC, yes we are back to MAC here on in. This colour is very similar to the Bobbi Brown colour but it is a little bit harder of a pencil. So you need to warm it up a little bit on the back of your hand before applying it. I find this with all of these lip pencils.

Last but not least I have 'Stripdown' by MAC. This is a darker version of 'subculture' and is a more brown colour than the nude shades mentioned previously. Think 90s music videos and you are pretty much there. It is a beautiful colour.


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