My Aesthetic: Including A Birthday Haul

A lot of people have said to me that when it comes to my birthday, it has become much easier to go into a shop that they know I like and pick me a gift. This is very nice of them in the first place! But I think this is due to becoming more in touch with what I like and by wearing pieces that I know can be on trend but can also be transitioned into a timeless piece of clothing or footwear. This can then become easier for YOU when shopping (and save a lot of £££ to say the least!) but it can also really help other people understand what you like and what to go look for when buying gifts!

This year I was lucky enough to get some incredible t-shirts from COS, ripped black 'Mom' jeans from Topshop and tennis shoe style trainers including Adidas Stan Smiths, Adidas Superstars with the white base and black detailing and also a pair of Ash Cult trainers. 

Now, I know that the whole world is wearing trainers and they are definitely an ongoing trend. However, I think that if you find a 'type' shall we say? that suits your personality, shape and aesthetic, you will be able to wear those trainers FOREVER. Well, for as long as you want! Never feel like you can't wear something because it isn't 'trendy'. You are you're own person and if you feel like wearing something, you wear it. 

Trends are something that I have only recently been interested in, and although I have an interest in trends, that doesn't necessarily mean that I follow them in the sense of buying all of the trends. I just like to keep myself up to date and if something catches my eye- I will then, and only then, start looking about to see if I can get my hands on something that will go along with it. This doesn't even mean going out and spending lots of money on something, I can just go look at my wardrobe and try to put something together that I already own that resembles the piece that has caught my eye.

Just remember, you do you and fashion is not meant to be stressful, it is supposed to be effortless. 

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