Let's Talk: Vogue August Issue

I'm sure that I'm not the only one who enjoys picking up the glossy faced, hugely influential magazine that is Vogue. It is so much fun to look at all of the articles, campaigns, photos and beautiful ads that compile together to make up an issue. 

However, I think sometimes, it can be a little bit daunting looking at these high fashion magazines and can add quite a bit of pressure to those who care enough to follow the doctrine as gospel. This is not the case though as magazines like Vogue are purely there for entertainment purposes and for enjoyment and therefore should be treated as so. Look at it this way, it is there to inspire you and provide a bit of guidance. At the end of the day, it should be relatable. The beautiful pages should be seen as guidelines rather than a code to follow religously.

So, lets take this lightheartedly and jump right in to discuss what is going on in the August Issue which comes with a really cool 'Vogue On The Catwalk' extra.

I think it's important to first quickly mention the cover which features Lara Stone in a flamboyant, yet chic and on trend mini dress. Underneath there is a simple statement, 'She's Electric'. The covers of Vogue are always exciting to look at and you get to imagine the process for finding that final picture. An elegant glare with the ever-present oozing of haute couture. Which is expected as the cover is what lures you in after all.
For the first good few pages, as always, there's the ads. I must say I do enjoy looking at the ads and really appreciate the beautiful photos and work that has went in to them from the designer, concept, models and photographers alike. Out of all the ads in this issue, there were two that stood out. One, Rihanna for Dior. Is there anything this woman cannot do? I LOVE Rihanna and personally think she is incredibly talented and makes for an amazing model for Dior. The other ad that stood out for me was the Chanel ad featuring Pharrell Williams and Cara Delevingne. These two make a lovely pair! I'm definitely okay with this pairing and have been since I saw them in the short film for Chanel in December of last year. 

Following on from the ads comes the editor's note, Alexandra Shulman, which highlighted the ever-growing importance of social media and online shopping. As customers are able to access a lot more content and pieces of clothing for all different seasons all around the globe. This section also mentions that later on in the issue, there will be a calendar provided to guide you on the upcoming trends for next season. 

The calendar is aptly named 'Calendar Girl' and covers three full pages with detailed pictures and descriptions of the trends expected and the pieces that you should be on the look out for in order to be prepared. Mind you, the pieces listed are far too expensive for my bank account! It's the sentiment that counts I suppose and we can always look for cheaper alternatives. I always find ASOS.com to be really useful for finding similar pieces at a fraction of the price.

Next up is a segment on PATTERN and where you can find your sources of inspiration. There is a pretty lengthy list on where designers, editors and most importantly YOU can find innovation and creativity for this season which include: botanics, rugs, delicate wallpapers, patterned china and bold furniture to carry on the theme. 

Now, it gets to the crux of the issue. How to go from summer to autumn and what we can expect. The biggest, and I'm guessing the most important things to note are,1. Camel is still going strong 2. Create a waist using belts to juxtapose the heavy androgynous vibes and 3. Following on from the huge 70s trend that has taken over the fashion world, the 80s will be back with a POP. Think disco summer dresses with 10 denier tights, boots and cardigans. Ah, Marc Jacobs would be proud.


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