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I've watched YouTube videos for what feels like FOREVER now, even from when I was little! I personally think it is a great creative outlet for people which is a genius idea! I love finding different platforms where people can show who they are and share that with people who are like them and are interested in what they have to say.
I thought I would make a quick little post just to give a little heads up on who I am watching. Not that these YouTubers need it, they're brilliant in their own right!

I am subscribed to 21 different channels, I've have no clue whatsoever whether or not that is a lot of channels or not, but, it's the amount I have! 

The first ever channel that I ever subscribed to was 'ThePersianbabe'. It is a beauty, skincare, fashion and lifestyle channel that has been such an influence on me and remains to be today. 

A few more channels that I am subscribed to within the beauty/lifestyle/fashion category are: 

'Lily Pebbles' (who has amaaaaazing vlogs, seriously subscribe to her even if it is just for her vlogs, she's a fantastic personality); 

'ViviannaDoesMakeup' (who has impeccable style and hair! She and Lily Pebbles are also friends which is cool as you often see them in each others vlogs); 

'Nicole Guerriero' (an American beauty guru who is hilarious as well as being a genius at blending!)

'icovetthee' and 'HelloOctoberxo' (these two are two of the newer people that I have subscribed to, but this hasn't stopped me binge watching their vlogs. If you haven't guessed already, vlogs are one of my favourite types of videos to watch)

'Lexi A-N at sototallyvlog''chrissstttiiine' and 'Arielle Cristiana' each have a stunning talent for mixing high end and high street style together. They truly are brilliant to watch. Lexi has fabulous vlogs! and Arielle has a separate vlogging channel.

My little sister's friend also has a new and upcoming YouTube channel called 'Pastel Chain' and she really is amazing especially when you realise that she is only 13! I really would recommend this channel!

'MissLouise' is the newest channel that I have subscribed to because I followed her on instagram and realised that she has a YouTube channel. She always has fabulous makeup that mixes full makeup and natural makeup so well. 

I also follow other types of channels, which I can only sum up by calling them FEEL GOOD channels.

'abookutopia' is a BookTuber who gives book recommendations, book reviews and tutorials as well! I always trust her opinion and she uploads regularly which is always a bonus.

'Jamie'sHappyHour' is a channel created by a cast member from the UK tv show 'Made In Chelsea' who has only recently started a channel and pretty much uploads funny videos with guests to make us laugh.

'Karen Lillywhite' is a vlogging channel that is so energetic that it is contagious! This girl is so lovely and takes you with her in her day to day life. I found her channel while looking for videos on the BBC 'Sherlock' set, I highly recommend watching that video if you are a fan of that show!

'Raya' is a YouTuber who I think has a bad reputation, she gets a lot of bad and not to mention weird comments on her videos, but recently she has been venturing out of the types of videos that she used to do (gaming videos, which attracted lots of guys) and has a lot of comedic moments! She also did a makeup routine which I loved and would recommend if you're looking for a simply makeup look.

'Russell Brand's The Trews' is a news channel created by the comedian Russell to give people true news. He gives very good and enlightening views on news happening all around the world.

'Shay Mitchell' is an actress from the US tv show 'Pretty Little Liars' and started her own YouTube channel in order to stay more in touch with her fans. She posts tutorials, vlogs of her vacations and much more.

'thiskidneedsmedicine' is a YouTube channel created by a guy called Kevin Droniak who makes videos in the car with his grandma. For a long time his grandma didn't even know he was making videos and together they have created comedy gold! This is a serious feel-good channel.

Speaking of feel good channels, my last and probably my favourite channel that I subscribe to is called 'lookyus' and follows the life of an autistic athlete, Disney enthusiast called Tommy Des Brisay. Honestly, after watching just one of his videos (probably not even the full length of a video) you immediately feel brighter and lighter about life. He is an amazing person with an amazing family, his mum Mary-Ann films his videos and responds to emails etc., who are incredibly supportive and you seriously will learn things from this Tommy's videos. I always sit and think to myself that the world would be a much better place if more of us were like Tommy and his family. 

I hope you've enjoyed this post, it has turned out to be longer than I initially thought, but heyho! these posts always are with me :-) Thank You for reading and check out some of these channels!


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