How To: The Wearable White Nail Polish

Ah, the infamous white nails. 

This is always a tricky one because on one hand, it could go incredibly well and you will have chic, fashion week-esque nails. 

OR, you end up looking like you are seven years old again, in school, painting Tipex on your nails. That never really was a good look was it? Ah well, it kept us happy for a while.

But I think I may have found the safe-proof way to wear a white nail.

First of all I apply this 'H&M Divided Nail Polish in White' onto my nails as a sort of base. It is pretty translucent but you get this gorgeous silvery/shimmery effect.

 Then, I apply the 'Barry M  Gelly Nail Paint in Lychee' over this. The colour is really more beige than white, but it looks good over the H&M nail polish. 

Speaking of which, I then apply another coat of the H&M polish and ta-dah! You have the perfect white/beigy/silvery colour which I absolutely adore!

Finish this off with a top coat. I like using the 'Glossy Effect by Miss Sporty' nail polish. This keeps everything in place and locked in. 


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