Wedding Prep (As A Guest)!

My best friend's mum is getting married today and a group of my friends and I are going to be heading to the evening reception at 7 o'clock tonight. So I thought I would write this post as a sort of diary!

I think getting ready for special occasions like this is part of the fun of the event itself! 

I was working until 11:30pm last night and so I made sure that I got a good long sleep and I didn't waken up today until 12 noon! It was a great beauty sleep, I must say. I got up and let my dog Jack and my cat Diamond outside and made myself some Danish toast and peanut butter along with a good coffee. Already a great start to the day. I ate my breakfast while watching 'Friends', you really feel like one of the 'gang' when watching that program! 

Then it got to about half past 2 and I decided I best run myself a bath and add some amazing  dark orchid and raspberry bubble bath, turns the bath reddy/purply as well! I also moisturized with some of the Ted Baker 'Body Scrub' in preparation for putting a bit of the L'Oreal 'Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Gel' in medium. I just apply this with a rubber glove underneath an old black school sock. Now just to get past that awkward sticky-feeling stage where you have to balance on the edge of a seat to let the tan dry in.  

Now it's about 4pm and my hair has dried in a towel for a little while, I'm going to rough dry my hair and then leave it for a little while before straightening it. Once it gets nearer the time, I will add a little bit of a wave around my face framing layers to give a bit of texture, I'll just use my GHDs for that. I'm going to paint my nails with Essie 'Ballet Slippers' nail polish, it's such a beautiful colour and perfect for a wedding, and it looks brilliant against my outfit colours. 

It's quarter to 5 and I'm going to start the 'makeup process' shall we call it? I'm going to just do my everyday makeup but a little bit more foundation and powder to make sure the makeup lasts the full night, dancing and all. 

Now it is time to get into my outfit. I ordered this outfit from Missguided just last week, that is very last minute for me, my friends always say I'm very organised when it comes to outfits for events. It consists of a camel coloured midi skirt and a white v-neck bodysuit. I really love the look of this outfit! 

5/5:30pm and my four friends are arriving for a little pre-drink before we get a taxi at 7pm to 'House of an Art Lover' in Bellahouston Park which is one of the most beautiful destinations for weddings in Scotland in my opinion! I'll make sure I take lots of photos as proof of this claim! Having my friends over to my house before an event or party is almost a tradition now. We always end up having an amazing time and a lot of laughs! We sometimes even feel like we can't be bothered going to the event because we're having such a good time just being in my house! But it is safe to say tonight is completely different and we are all so excited to head out the door to go and support our friend who is the maid of honor for her mum!

(Our wedding outfits and my snapchat name is courtneyrileyy)

I'm going to leave this post here and sign off, I really cannot wait to see what tonight is going to have in store for us. I really also wish the bride and groom all the luck and happiness in the world for their future. 

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