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Well, I can honestly say that I do not know where to start with this one. But I shall try my best! 

Last night, my mum and I went to 'An Evening with Pacino' and my god, it was one of the best evenings we've ever had! 

We got to the Clyde Auditorium in good timing, about twenty to 8 (Al Pacino was to come on stage at 8) and it was already jumping with excited fans and queues for the only piece of merchandise on sale which was the programme which is photographed above. I absolutely adore the programme and I spent the time before Pacino came on stage reading all of the quotes inside the programme. 

When we got to the hall where we would be spending the evening, we saw a projection of the words 'Pacino One Night Only' on a huge screen, two chairs and a table consisting of bottles of water and a Scottish thistle arrangement. It got to 8 o'clock and people were all seated and ready for the man himself. Then another fifteen minutes passed (he was fashionably late, but not too late) and suddenly the lights dimmed. Silence. You could literally feel the excitement that hung in the air, surrounding us. Then the words on the screen disappeared and an epic montage of Pacino's infamous roles came on screen as well as his screen tests for The Godfather and some footage of his bloopers and him messing about on movie sets. The hairs on my arms were standing to a point, my goosebumps going insaaaaane! 

Then, the sound of gun shots brought the words 'Pacino One Night Only' back on screen and suddenly a lone spotlight shines and Al Pacino is standing right in front of us. We all stood up and applauded at the mere sight of the man. He really is just THEE coolest guy on earth. 

(This is from the programme)

The moderator came on stage and started asking him loads of different questions which were insightful and showed Pacino's incredible sense of humour. He even did a song and dance for us, never thought I would've seen that but he is incredible! There was also a chance for members of the audience to get up to a microphone and ask Pacino questions ourselves. Needless to say,he found the Scottish accent a difficult one to work out but he managed it! One lady actually asked the question I would've asked him which was who he thought people would be going to see in years to come, much like we all came to see him that night. His reply was Leonardo Dicaprio and Johnny Depp, two of my favourite actors of all time! I was very pleased that he said these two actors and gave fabulous reasons for them. 

Pacino also showed us some trailers of two films he had coming out soon, one called 'The Humbling' and also 'Wilde Salome' which took six years to make! Pacino ended by performing an Oscar Wilde poem, a scene from a play he had done years ago and then giving what can only be described as a motivational speech basically saying that he is at an age where he doesn't give a toss about anything anymore and he feels great for it and that it was his mission that he would have all of us feeling this way by the time we left the auditorium. 

Mr Al Pacino is honestly an amazing man if last night was anything to go by. So inspirational, so funny and ready for anything and everything. I really hope he had a great night like he gave all of us! 

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