Monthly Favourites Series: May

Ok, so I thought I'd start this little 'Monthly Favourites' series because I see soooooo many people writing these kind of blog posts and making these videos on YouTube. They're also one of my favourite kind of things to read about and watch!

My May fashion favourite would need to be my 'mom jeans' which I know aren't a new thing to to the world of fashion, or in fact my wardrobe, but these jeans just recently resurfaced in my wardrobe and it's fair to say that I cannot get enough of them! They just look so effortlessly chic and yet casual. They're so easy to dress up and dress down. I've mostly been wearing them casually, pretty much anytime I need to leave the house, with a striped T (I'm in the middle of writing a post on the infamous Striped T Shirt so stay tuned!) and Birkenstocks or my black suede 'Mario' Topshop boots.

(All credit of course to Sleepy Hollow for the film poster and all that jazz!)

So next up on my favourites list is film. One of my favourite past times is to watch films, old and new. I just LOVE film you guys, it's seriously one of my passions! This month I watched Tim Burton's 'Sleepy Hollow'. I know I know, how could I not have seen this movie?! In my defence though, I don't really like scary films all that much but I decided I needed to watch this movie because it isn't really described as really scary or anything and more along the lines of the 'Sweeney Todd' movie in terms of scariness and gore. When I found that out, I was definitely up for watching this movie and THANK GOD I did! What an amaaaaazing and diverse cast. Yes, a considerable amount of Tim Burton's films include or involve Johnny Depp in some way, but it was a really interesting mix of actors in this movie such as Christina Ricci, Richard Griffiths and Christopher Lee (to name just a few). Just in case you don't know the storyline, it's basically about a town called Sleepy Hollow (of course) that has experienced a lot of people being decapitated and so help is given in the form of a police constable Ichabod Crane (Johnny Depp) who has been deployed in Sleepy Hollow for using unorthodox methods in his job. He's then told by the town elders about the beheadings and that it is believed to the Headless Horsman Ghost (Christopher Walken). This film is honestly such a funny and wild ride with an incredible story that had me hooked from the beginning. I highly recommend it! I'll definitely be re-watching it, especially at Halloween!

My next favourite is a music favourite and it has to be Hozier's self titled album. One way I can describe this album is refreshing and most definitely something that, I think, a lot of people would like and should give a listen! I remember finding out about Hozier when watching The Graham Norton Show one night and he was the musical guest and he, not only, was an incredible performer, but such a lovely and down to earth human being even though he has experienced so much success! Every song is a beautiful story and this man's voice is just something else. Also, the album cover was painted by his mother who is an artist!

My beauty favourite for this month is my mascara combination which is the Avon 'Supershock Brights' which gives really long, individual, separated lashes. I pair this with the Benefit 'They're Real' mascara which I think gives a touch of thickness to the lashes which I think you need when you have long individual lashes. It just gives the perfect mix of length, separation and thickness. For me, right now, this is a perfect combo.

I've recently written a blog post on my nail routine and mentioned a couple of new nail polishes that I have purchased which were both by Essie. Sooooo, I have to say that these two nail polishes which are 'Mint Candy Apple' and 'Ballet Slippers' have been my go-to polishes! They're both very different as Ballet Slippers is very transparent and so I applied three coats of it to get my perfect shade, but it really is a stunning colour if your looking for a nudey/pinky nail, which I was because I was going to a wedding last weekend and this turned out to be the perfect colour for me! On the other hand, Mint Candy Apple is a minty/blue colour that really could've been good to go with one coat but I just applied another to get the full effect. Overall though I must say that Essie polishes are brilliant in terms of lasting power! The formula for these polishes are just incredible and not gloopy or lumpy and apply so smoothly and buttery.

Well, that is my May Monthly Favourites coming to an end! I hope that you take something from this post and give something new a go!

LifeOfRiley xoxo

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