Film Friday: Pitch Perfect 2

So this week I went along to the cinema with two of my best friends and we went to see Pitch Perfect 2! 

I remember seeing the first Pitch Perfect movie and thinking it was really funny, but it feels like forever ago that the film actually came out and so I was hoping the sequal would be worth going to see and would be funny like I remember the first film to be.

I was definitely right with this one and I'm so glad I went to see this film! It was so much fun and incredibly sassy and funny, a lot of this was to do with 'Fat Amy'. Rebel Wilson really is a genius in her portrayal of this character and is so witty and hilarious! The rest of the cast were also amazing and the new addition to the cast Hailee Steinfeld, playing 'Emily Junk' also really did the movie justice. 

One of my friends hadn't even seen the first movie, but she said it honestly didn't matter whether you'd seen the first movie or not. Yes, the sequal picks up from the first movie but it gives a hinted background storyline from the beginning from the commentators, John and Gail, in the movie. 

I have to admit I was nearly in tears at a moment in the film. This was due to the hilarious acting by David Cross playing a man who was obsessed with acapella and brought all of the acapella groups together to compete in a sing off. 

All in all, I am sooooo glad I went to see this film! It was a great script, brilliant direction and amazing acting. I would recommend going to see this movie if you are in the mood for a funny, feel good film.


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