Deciding what to use as my blog name wasn't as difficult as I imagined it would be. I am most definitely someone who enjoys reading a blog or two while I'm getting ready in the early mornings, when I'm chilling in my spare time and sometimes before I go to the land of nod. Anyways, I always enjoy scrolling to the first available blog post on different blogs to find out what made that individual want to create a blog and also how they came up with their names. Most say it is a very difficult task and this therefore made me, to put it lightly, 'iffy' about making a blog myself.

Then it hit me.

I realized that there was a saying that I use often in day-to-day life, and that saying is 'oh the joys of the life of Riley'. My first name is Courtney and my surname is Riley by the way, pleased to meet you! My friend Alexs decided one day at school a few years ago that she wanted to just call me Riley. I loved the idea of this and she now calls every one of my friends by their second name.

So, Riley stuck... and as it is my second name, I would say I have the 'Life of Riley' and I thought it would be really interesting to create a blog to share and document some thoughts, ideas and photos through my life.

I really hope you enjoy what's to come :)

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