Walking Around on a Chilly Winter Morning

Good evening! Hope you're all having a fabulous Thursday. I'm back yet again because I couldn't resist and I didn't really see the point in waiting until tomorrow to share these photos. 

This morning, I was going my normal route to university and I was passing all of the usual things that I pass. I really do love some of the buildings that I pass while on my way and so thought I could share them. The first picture is of a church (I'm not quite sure of the name of it) that is at directly across from the reception of my university. 

Then, there are some more pictures of places around the town which I really like. I feel like some of them give off a really cool, old fashioned village feel. I think they're really sweet places. The second from last photo is of a building called 'The Russell Institute' and is honestly one of my favourite buildings. It really reminds me of a location in one of my all time favourite book series, 'The Mortal Instruments', and so I feel so lucky that I get to pass it every time I travel to uni. Let me know if you get that vibe from it, or if you know of any other buildings that look like 'The Institute' in those books :) 

The last picture is facing the town hall from the bus stop that I stand at to get home. There is a little square there and also a beautiful canal. Just beyond the town hall is the abbey which is an incredible sight. It really is breathtaking and I hope to visit the abbey with my dad in the next few weeks so I will definitely be taking pictures when I go and I will post them!

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