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Happy Thursday! I hope you're having a fabulous week to yourself. I've definitely had a nice little week. Nothing too exciting has happened mind you, but all in all, it has been lovely. On Tuesday night, my mum, sister and I went to visit my Granny and Granda and we simply sat watching some tv together (my gran was getting very excited about the Eastenders special this week!). I happened to come across this little photo album that my Gran and Granda have put together over the years. I must say I was surprised that I hadn't seen it before as they keep it in their dining room area. I was flicking through it and I decided it had such a beautiful outer cover on it that I had to get my camera out to take a picture. 

Yesterday(Wednesday), I finished off a book that I had been reading and it had such a beautiful ending. The book is called 'The Madman's Daughter' by Megan Shepherd. I really would recommend it. It's nicely paced and has so many twists and turns. You're constantly, unconsciously, expecting the unexpected. This book also has a really stunning love story that is heart wrenching and steamy at the same time. Having finished this book, I started reading another book which is pictured above. This one is called 'Habits of the House' by Fay Weldon. Since yesterday, I have read 108 pages. It seems different than what I normally read and is written as a diary entry format, and my god it is really insanely good! It has kept me wanting more and more every time I pick it up. I would definitely recommend this book, so if by chance you're wanting a Downton Abbey esque book set in the Victorian era then this one is for you! 

Today, I woke up at 8 o'clock to get ready to go to uni. It's been a pretty bleak and windy day today, but the town that my university is situated is very beautiful and so even in these conditions, it's very picturesque. Now, I'm sitting back home, writing this blog, by the fire with my little companion, Jack the jack russell, yeah my family are really inventive with names :)

Anyways, this has turned into a pretty long blog so I hope you don't mind. I'm thinking of taking pictures of my February favourites soonish to be posted by the end of this month and I'm also going to be doing a 'How To' for making an easy, healthy cake in a cup. Have a lovely rest of the week and I hope you have a brilliant weekend. 

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