What I Wore On My Face Today

Hello again! I thought that I'd do a quick little post about my makeup and what I usually wear on my face.

So first of all, I prime my face with Mac's 'Prep and Prime Skin Base Visage' which comes out looking quite sparkly, but it does not look glittery at all when it goes on your face. This really helps my skin as I naturally have quite oily skin and so this helps keep my complexion a little more balanced. 

Then, I dab out a little bit of my Clinique 'anti-blemish solutions' liquid foundation in the colour '07 fresh alabaster'' onto the back of my hand, then dab it onto the centre parts of my face (cheeks, nose, chin, t-zone). I love this foundation so much, I've used it since I was about thirteen years old, I'm now eighteen. It's an incredible foundation which is good for a natural look, as well as being a fantastic buildable foundation if there are days where you need a little bit more coverage. I apply this with my 'So Ecco' foundation brush.

After I've applied my foundation, I conceal and highlight with my Avon cosmetics 'Magix multi-benefit illuminator'. This is a new purchase for me, I say new, but I've been using it for the past month and a half and I really like it! I'm not really one for a lot of highlighter, but I feel like this gives me enough highlight without looking too over-done. Once I have applied it, I first blend it in with my finger and then with a little makeup sponge.

I then applied some eyeshadow. Today, I used the colour 'Chopper' from my Urban Decay 2 palette in my crease and then the colour 'Bootycall' on my lid and inner corners of my eye to brighten it up.

Then, I curled my eyelashes with my No.7 eyelash curler and used my favourite mascara, which is the Clinique 'high impact mascara'. I feel so loyal to this mascara because again, I've been using it for years. I've like to change it up sometimes, but I always come crawling back to this mascara!

After I've done this, I brush out my eyebrows with a spoolie and then fill in my brows with Mac's 'Night Whisper' eyeshadow. Yes I know it's an eyeshadow, but I love this colour for my brows! I use an unnamed angled brush to apply this shadow with. 

Now moving on to contour. I use the Bare Minerals colour facial total in the colour 'chic radiance' with the Real Techniques 'stippling brush' to lightly contour my cheekbones, jawline, nose and temples.

And finally, I applied my all time favourite lipstick (hence why it looks quite gross and I've also hit the bottom)! This is from the 'Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick' range for Rimmel in the colour 008.

I hope you're all having a wonderful Friday and I hope you have a lovely weekend! I plan to have a skincare routine blog coming soon! Thank you :)

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Walking Around on a Chilly Winter Morning

Good evening! Hope you're all having a fabulous Thursday. I'm back yet again because I couldn't resist and I didn't really see the point in waiting until tomorrow to share these photos. 

This morning, I was going my normal route to university and I was passing all of the usual things that I pass. I really do love some of the buildings that I pass while on my way and so thought I could share them. The first picture is of a church (I'm not quite sure of the name of it) that is at directly across from the reception of my university. 

Then, there are some more pictures of places around the town which I really like. I feel like some of them give off a really cool, old fashioned village feel. I think they're really sweet places. The second from last photo is of a building called 'The Russell Institute' and is honestly one of my favourite buildings. It really reminds me of a location in one of my all time favourite book series, 'The Mortal Instruments', and so I feel so lucky that I get to pass it every time I travel to uni. Let me know if you get that vibe from it, or if you know of any other buildings that look like 'The Institute' in those books :) 

The last picture is facing the town hall from the bus stop that I stand at to get home. There is a little square there and also a beautiful canal. Just beyond the town hall is the abbey which is an incredible sight. It really is breathtaking and I hope to visit the abbey with my dad in the next few weeks so I will definitely be taking pictures when I go and I will post them!

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Highlights of The Week

Happy Thursday! I hope you're having a fabulous week to yourself. I've definitely had a nice little week. Nothing too exciting has happened mind you, but all in all, it has been lovely. On Tuesday night, my mum, sister and I went to visit my Granny and Granda and we simply sat watching some tv together (my gran was getting very excited about the Eastenders special this week!). I happened to come across this little photo album that my Gran and Granda have put together over the years. I must say I was surprised that I hadn't seen it before as they keep it in their dining room area. I was flicking through it and I decided it had such a beautiful outer cover on it that I had to get my camera out to take a picture. 

Yesterday(Wednesday), I finished off a book that I had been reading and it had such a beautiful ending. The book is called 'The Madman's Daughter' by Megan Shepherd. I really would recommend it. It's nicely paced and has so many twists and turns. You're constantly, unconsciously, expecting the unexpected. This book also has a really stunning love story that is heart wrenching and steamy at the same time. Having finished this book, I started reading another book which is pictured above. This one is called 'Habits of the House' by Fay Weldon. Since yesterday, I have read 108 pages. It seems different than what I normally read and is written as a diary entry format, and my god it is really insanely good! It has kept me wanting more and more every time I pick it up. I would definitely recommend this book, so if by chance you're wanting a Downton Abbey esque book set in the Victorian era then this one is for you! 

Today, I woke up at 8 o'clock to get ready to go to uni. It's been a pretty bleak and windy day today, but the town that my university is situated is very beautiful and so even in these conditions, it's very picturesque. Now, I'm sitting back home, writing this blog, by the fire with my little companion, Jack the jack russell, yeah my family are really inventive with names :)

Anyways, this has turned into a pretty long blog so I hope you don't mind. I'm thinking of taking pictures of my February favourites soonish to be posted by the end of this month and I'm also going to be doing a 'How To' for making an easy, healthy cake in a cup. Have a lovely rest of the week and I hope you have a brilliant weekend. 

Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary

I was pondering how I could best describe my personality and if I could manage it in just a few photos. Then, I thought, the most personal place a person could have is, arguably, their very own bedroom. So, I thought that I would take a few photos of some things I have lying around my bedroom that best highlight my personality. 

I have a clock (that actually doesn't have any batteries in it) that I bought from a coffee shop with my mum one day about two years ago. I think this pretty much represents my love of coffee and also finding really interesting, vintage looking items. The feather that is hanging over my clock is a real peacock feather that my dad gave to me from one of his friends who has a peacock farm. I know, that must be a cool job! The things that I most appreciate in my life are things that have no value attached to them, like a peacock feather, or more importantly, my family.

I do love a little black dress and this has got to be my favourite dress that I own! It really reminds me of that dress Audrey Hepburn wears at the beginning of 'Breakfast at Tiffanys' and when she first meets Fred. I love both fashion, and also everything to do with Audrey Hepburn. I feel like she is a really amazing role model and someone who encompassed an incredible amount of grace and elegance in her life. This, I believe, is an incredibly important thing to remember as a young woman. 

Then, there are my plants that I have in my bedroom. I have two plants in my room, one which isn't looking too great at the minute but my gran has assured me that it will come back to life once the weather gets better, and this one. It is such a beautiful looking plant and I think it represents how much I love nature. Nature plays a big part in my family life as while I was growing up my dad was always a huge hill walking enthusiast and still is today. I also have been on a few hill walks and I hope to do more this year. 

Hopefully, this gives a little bit more insight to my personality and I can't wait to share more with you all. 

Also, I just joined 'Bloglovin' today and so I need to post this link so that I am able to "claim" my blog :) if you are on Bloglovin' yourself, then please feel free to let me know and I will check out your blogs!

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Happy Pancake Day!

Hi for the second time today! I'm afraid two blog posts a day won't be the usual ordeal for me, but when I came downstairs tonight for some dinner, my mum reminded me that it is PANCAKE DAY!! Yes, the wonderful, magical day that is Pancake Day, AKA Shrove Tuesday is here! I can't believe that I nearly forgot about it! 

So, naturally, I got my camera out and started snapping away. 

I've added in a photo of our recipe that we have used in my family for as long as I can remember (it is my granny's recipe). It is super easy and it really isn't very precise. The ingredients are all pretty accessible as well. 

I must say, the pancakes are absolutely delicious as you can see from my empty plate above! I really hope that you all have a wonderful Pancake Day and have a go at making some of these pancakes! I wish I could share the leftovers with you all :) 


Deciding what to use as my blog name wasn't as difficult as I imagined it would be. I am most definitely someone who enjoys reading a blog or two while I'm getting ready in the early mornings, when I'm chilling in my spare time and sometimes before I go to the land of nod. Anyways, I always enjoy scrolling to the first available blog post on different blogs to find out what made that individual want to create a blog and also how they came up with their names. Most say it is a very difficult task and this therefore made me, to put it lightly, 'iffy' about making a blog myself.

Then it hit me.

I realized that there was a saying that I use often in day-to-day life, and that saying is 'oh the joys of the life of Riley'. My first name is Courtney and my surname is Riley by the way, pleased to meet you! My friend Alexs decided one day at school a few years ago that she wanted to just call me Riley. I loved the idea of this and she now calls every one of my friends by their second name.

So, Riley stuck... and as it is my second name, I would say I have the 'Life of Riley' and I thought it would be really interesting to create a blog to share and document some thoughts, ideas and photos through my life.

I really hope you enjoy what's to come :)

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